Work experience at MADE – Ellie

I found 2 weeks of work experience with MADE very rewarding and enjoyable. Over this time I was taught how to use software, including Illustrator and InDesign to create logos, posters, and leaflets. I learnt the importance of vectors, especially when producing a logo, and I found the whole process very exciting. I feel that my independence has improved, because although everyone was constantly happy to help, I was given tasks that challenged me and allowed me to test my skills and creativity. The designers also helped me to improve the work that I had done, which was hugely advantageous. Although I still have lots to learn, I feel I have made vast improvements from the stage I was at the beginning, to where I am now, and the whole team was a great help and always friendly.

The MADE team gave me plenty of useful advice, not only on developing the work that I produced whilst I was there, but also on what they would recommend in terms of University courses and what to do after A Levels. My time at MADE has given me a greater understanding of the workplace, and has helped me to realise the course that I would really like to pursue. It has made me excited for a future career in graphics and design.

Thank you very much,