We were commissioned by UEA to develop a configurable theme for their content management system (Liferay) that would enable researchers and other staff across the University to quickly create a microsite with its own unique look and feel. You’ll see a number of sites using this theme in our latest digital work.

A core element of the project was about knowledge transfer and empowering staff at UEA to create engaging microsites without needing in-depth technical knowledge. To enable this, we developed a community website which would serve the needs of everyone using the microsite template, and help others find out more about it.

The community site contains articles ranging from ‘how-to’ guides on creating certain types of content, to guidance on branding and colour schemes. There is also a forum, which in time we hope will provide a medium for users of the microsite theme to support each other with help and advice, and to feedback about what could be added or improved.

The content has been developed collaboratively between staff at MADE and at UEA. One thing that has been immediately beneficial is that the site has become the defacto place to store guidance and help documentation. Whenever a microsite theme user contacts MADE or UEA with a question, our default response is to quickly write an article explaining the steps and add it to the community site.