Partnered with EASTcreate, MADE took on the task of producing the 2014 Sustainability Report for RasGas, a Qatari LNG producer.

We’re not ones to shy away from a challenge, and the Sustainability report represents some of our most ambitious work in print – 66 pages of images, information and infographics. First and foremost is a double-page spread, representing RasGas’ values, practices and achievements throughout the years in a colourful and accessible format.

As the name of the document suggests, our task in design was to ‘put people first’ – we provided suggestions and guidance for a specially-commissioned photoshoot, in order for the client to get the right shots for the brochure. It is easy for images of people to become trite, but the finished result speaks for itself – care was taken to ensure that the bold, large-format images of RasGas workers would always be grounded in context.

In addition to this, MADE produced a summary report – a smaller, 18 page document which collated the highlights of the Sustainability Report in an immediate format.

The printed reports were part of a larger project which also included the RasGas Sustainability Report 2014 website – an online version of the report which contained even more information and infographics than in print.

Working across international boundaries was an exciting new experience for us, but we enjoyed the process and are delighted with the outcome.

Read the report here.

Our layout used large-format images to bring humanity to a potentially dense amount of copy – a liberal peppering of infographics where appropriate made the information easily digestible.

The report's cover folds out to reveal a double page infographic, highlighting RasGas' achievements over the years.