The NCH&C Sure Start centres  required a new visual identity along with implementation across a range of materials including posters, banners and seasonal programmes. MADE held a series of workshops with NCH&C and the Sure Start team, who also liaised with parents and service users. By working closely with our clients we were able to gain a clear understanding of the values to be communicated as well as practical considerations for the delivery of materials. Development of the style also required thoughtful attention to both the national Sure Start brand and the NCH&C identity.

A key element of the NCH&C visual identity is their butterfly motif. This led to the concept of using caterpillars for these services aimed at children. We created a visual identity utilising family-friendly cartoons of children dressed in cute caterpillar costumes. Jon, our resident illustrator, developed a fun and friendly style to communicate the key values of the Sure Start service. We created images of the caterpillars at various stages to show the age range supported by Sure Start services, and produced bespoke illustrations to suit specific materials – such as the caterpillars wrapped up warmly in hats and scarves for the winter programme.