James syncs the city

Sync the City was a lot more than just a hackathon. Organised by SyncNorwich and Norwich Business School at UEA, the event followed the structure of the 54 hour startup weekend, an increasingly popular concept within tech communities. Participants were grouped by their specialisms: development, design and business, and teams were formed from a combination of these backgrounds around the most popular concepts – which anyone had been able to pitch.

With each member from my team coming from a different organisation, each using different tools and processes, the opportunity to share knowledge was incredibly valuable, and helping to develop a concept into business plan with a working prototype in such a short space of time was a uniquely rewarding experience. Our project, Digs, was named runner up by the panel of judges and we are planning to continue to develop the idea.

The event also saw Norwich being recognised as a technology hub by Tech City UK, a government organisation promoting key regions with significant digital innovation and growth.