My Creative Minds summer internship

Initially, I was a bit nervous about the internship at MADE as I did not have an extensive knowledge of marketing, print or web development. I felt that, as I would be surrounded by these aspects of the company, I should have had some understanding of it. However, the team at MADE slowly ushered me into the business and made me feel so welcome. I felt happy to ask questions, and I learned a lot. I was given a great amount of freedom with certain projects, and was really intrigued about the ins and outs of the company.

As an intern at MADE, I had opportunities to grow as a team member under the company. Having been able to attend a marketing workshop to see how MADE interacts with clients was a real eye-opener in terms of what is to be expected once I graduate. Similarly, sitting in a studio that was both creative and technologically rich was an interesting experience; in one minute, discussions from font styles and textures could flip to CSS and coding. This, coupled with being part of the Creative Minds project set up by UEA and MADE, and supported by Norfolk Network, proved to be a brilliant working experience, one that I’m not sure I would be able to gain anywhere else.

Apart from working with some really great people, I learnt about possible career avenues waiting for me after I graduate and how I could use the skills that I developed. Though I made mistakes, the team were always supportive and created a nurturing environment for me at MADE Agency.