Ocean cycle infographic delivers infohackit success

As part of his work with the Marine Knowledge Exchange Network, Peter developed the idea of bringing scientists and designers together into collaborative teams to create infographics to communicate research.

MADE designer Jon Bliss was part of the winning ‘A-Team’, working on an infographic conveying information on a cycle of nitrogen, phosphorous and carbon in the ocean.

Each team had 12 hours to work together and then gave a 15 minute presentation of their work. Judges were asked to score the teams on science communication, creativity and collaboration.

Team captains Chris Bennett (TGAC), Darren Leader (Studio) and Andy Griib (Griib Design Ltd) brilliantly coordinated their groups efforts and all three presentations were of an extremely high standard and warmly received by an evening audience.

With designers talking about science and scientists talking about design, it became quite hard to tell who was who!

We were particularly pleased to welcome three NUA second year students into the teams – Michael, Mark and Peter impressed us all with their skills.

If you’d like to know more about the day, read the storify.