The Accredited MBA Fair is an annual event for accredited business schools to promote their MBA programmes. This is our third year of creating an advertising campaign for AMBA to promote this event. This year, we wanted the concept and design to be bolder and better than ever to reflect the new brand we recently created.

The delivery of the campaign is varied and includes newspaper adverts, online advertising and a digital poster for the London underground. We took inspiration from the diamond shape in the new logo and used it to create a dynamic image space. We used the new strap line ‘Be in brilliant company’ as the main heading to upper campaign.

The digital poster for the London underground was a new addition to the campaign from previous years. Details needed careful thought due to the length of time a passerby has to view the poster in such a busy area. We kept the information minimal and highlighted key points such as the date and place. To draw attention to the poster we added moving image in the form of sparkles on the diamond.