Our recent away day was very different to a usual Monday in the studio. I loved bringing out my inner child by getting my hands dirty with clay and building giant structures with potatoes and sticks.

Of course it wasn’t all play – we had some great group discussions and came up with some brilliant new ideas for the future of MADE. It was really interesting to hear Peter and Lucy’s journey to get to where they are today. It gave us a great understanding of all the hard work and the ups and downs that have been encountered over the years and how important the company values have been in making MADE what it is today. Of course a mention has to go out to the delicious lunch we had at the Unthank Arms – it was the cherry on top of our awesome day out.

We were joined by Doo, a local artist, who got our creative minds flowing with some clay and a variety of everyday objects. The session really helped us to think outside the box and realise that everything is not always as it seems. This will be particularly useful to me when I am first given a brief; its easy to take it at face value and takes a lot more skill to see beneath it and come up with something creative and original.

In the afternoon we all took part in a team building exercise which was a lot of fun. Ourselves and our clients were represented by potatoes and we had to create a communication network with branches of willow. It was great to see everyone’s personalities come out; there were thinkers, doers, leaders and spectators and some of us were surprised how it all ended up.

All in all, it was a great day out of the studio and we all learnt a lot about MADE as a company and about each other. Its easy to just get into work mode, so it was really nice to get to know each other a bit better.